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11 Cross stitch patterns that celebrate stitching and making!

11 Cross stitch patterns that celebrate stitching and making

There is something extra fun about stitching about, well, stitching! These cross stitch patterns are a perfect way to indulge in the craft you love. Make them for yourself, or as gifts for your stitching BFFs. All of them can be found in the Stitched Modern shop.

1. Eat, Sleep, Stitch, Repeat by It's Sew Emma (Link)

Eat Sleep Stitch Cross Stitch Pattern by It's Sew Emma

This cross stitch pattern by popular quilt designer Lori Holt offers words to live by! Stitch it oversized on 10-count Tula or over-2 on 20-count Cork for emphasis.

2. Savor Every Stitch by Luminous Fiber Arts (Link)

Savor Every Stitch Cross Stitch Pattern by Luminous Fiber Arts

Savoring every stitch is exactly what you will do with this pretty pattern. With cute birds and flower details, it's a perfect way to celebrate stitching and the enjoyment time spent with needle and thread can bring. 

3. Maker, Crafter, Badass by Junebug & Darlin (Link)

Maker, Crafter, Badass Cross Stitch Kit by Junebug & Darlin

This is the perfect cross stitch hoop to hang on your wall, or to give to your favorite crafty (and badass) friend. The pattern uses cross stitch and a bit of back stitch, so it's a good choice for the advanced beginner.

4. Sew All the Things by Flamingo Toes (Link)

Sew All the Things Cross Stitch Pattern by Flamingo Toes

This cross stitch pattern is darling, and a perfect way to show off your love for sewing or quilting. The finished piece fits perfectly in an 8" x 10" frame when stitched on 14-count Aida or 28-count linen. 

5. Garden of Thread (Jardin de Bobines) by Jardin Prive (Link)

Garden of Thread (Jardin de Bobines) Cross Stitch Pattern

This patchwork-style design by French designer Jardin Prive features a stitched alphabet surrounded by colorful spools of thread. Thimbles full of flowers and a pair of antique embroidery scissors complete the scene.

6. Home of a Stitcher by Little Dove Designs (Link)

Home of a Stitcher Cross Stitch Pattern by Little Dove Designs

This charming sampler-style cross stitch pattern by UK-based Little Dove Designs, would make a lovely addition to your home. A quick stitch, it would also make a sweet gift for your favorite stitcher.

7. Excuse the Mess by Shannon Christine Designs (Link)

Excuse the Mess Cross Stitch Pattern by Shannon Christine Designs

Every maker knows that messes are part of the creative process! This cross stitch signs makes sure you don't forget.

8. Sew She Did by It's Sew Emma (Link)

Sew She Did Cross Stitch Pattern by It's Sew Emma

This fun and inspiring cross stitch pattern was designed by quilt and fabric designer Lori Holt. It's perfect to decorate your sewing space, or as a gift for your favorite sewist!

9. I Stitch Past My Bedtime by Amy Bruecken Designs (Link)

I Stitch Past My Bedtime Cross Stitch Pattern by Amy Bruecken Designs

Two fun (and accurate!) cross stitch patterns by Amy Bruecken Designs. So true...

10. Scissors and Bobbins (Ciseaux and Bobines) by Jardin Prive (Link)

Scissors and Bobbins (Ciseaux and Bobines) Cross Stitch Pattern by Jardin Prive

This sampler-style design by French designer Jardin Prive features a pair of vintage embroidery scissors surrounded by spools of thread. The sweet design is accented with houses, flowers, and even a cute little sheep.

11. Stitch and Drink Wine by Peacock & Fig (Link)

Stitch and Drink Wine Cross Stitch Pattern by Peacock & Fig 

A reminder to do what makes you happy, with fun vintage lettering and a pretty floral border.

And for when you're sitting and stitching ...

Sit Sip Stitch Enamel Camp Mug

This enamel camp mug is the perfect companion when you're relaxing with needle and thread. Fill it will coffee, tea, or something stronger!

Looking for more cross stitch inspiration? Check out our full selection of kits and patterns in the Stitched Modern shop!

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